Teddy Bear Search Engine Help

How to search

Example 1 :

Let's imagine you are looking for mohair teddy bears, jointed, in USA.

Select USA in the country drop box, select mohair in the material drop box and jointed in the features drop box.

Click on 'Go' : Here you are ! you will see the web sites matching your request.

If there are more than 10 sites matching your query, then, at the bottom of the page you will see a "Next" button inviting you to go to the next results page.

See the demo.

Example 2 :

Let's imagine now you have heard about an artist whose name is "Youpi Bear", and don't know his web site url.

Simply type the artist name (Youpi bear) or brand in the "by name" edit box.

Click on 'Go' : if the artist has registered in the database, you will see his web site URL.

See the demo.

Search tips :

When starting a search it is better to put the maximum of chances on your side : maybe it is not a good idea to look for french speaking language miniature unjointed mohair teddy bears web site in Sweden at the first shot !

Instead, try with a broad query by just choosing the country. Then, after the first page of results, narrow your search by adding more constraints to your selection.

It is very easy since the query you have made is always repeated at the bottom of the page

Search by name, title, keywords

Enter your text.
example : miniature bears in usa or Steiff.

Search by categories

Choose one or more categories.
example : USA + personal home page + Artist.
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