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Teddy bear artists interviews

Laurence Veron

Laurence Veron

French teddy bear artists are very seldom on the internet. Laurence Veron was the first french artist to introduce her creations on her website : www.alentours.com

Her work is already presented in Linda Mullins "Tribute to teddy bear artist - series 3" and she regularly collaborate with international bear magazines.

Jackie Morris, bear artist, creator of Blacklick bears

Jackie Morris

Although we already knew her through the net and by email, we had the opportunity and the pleasure to meet Jackie Morris in person, in France, when she was attending the "Paris-Creation" show.

Robin foley

Robin Foley

Talented american artist Robin Foley, whose work has been featured in "Tribute to teddy bear artists series 2" and "Designing the Doll" as well as in numerous bears and dolls magazines.

Kelly Dean, createur des Mole Island Bears et des Bear Noel

Kelly Dean

Kelly Dean, creator of "Mole Island Bear" and "Bear Noel". Prepare yourself to be surprised by the originality and the beauty of his creations !