"Bonjour" The bear simple as a Pie !

By Oursement V˘tre - The teddy bear search engine

"Bonjour" is without any doubt the ideal bear to begin in bear making. He is 8,5 inches tall, and is cut in a golden distressed mohair. All the difficulties have been supressed to allow you to succeed in making your first mohair teddy bear. He is presented here full size.

This pattern is presented here by courtesy of french bear artist Laurence Veron at http://www.alentours.com.

This teddy bear is not a toy and is NOT intended for children.

Part 1 - Print the instructions

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Supplies :

Material :

Pattern :

Seam allowances of 7 mm are included in the pattern. No need to add them.

With the sewing machine, take care of the tension of the stitches, and use a rather small length of stitches. Begin and finish all the seams with some backstitches.

By hand, use the backstitch: Make a stitch forward, on the lower part of fabric, then a small stitch backwards on the top, and so on.

Prepare the templates :

Cut :

Assembly :

Head :

Eyes :

Nose :

Head stuffing :

Arm :

Legs :

Body :

Jointing :

Stuffing :

Ears :

Ears assembly :

And finally :