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Laurence Veron, Artiste d'Ours en peluche Laurence Veron - personal home page
Artist - France

language(s) : English,French

"La première artiste d'ours française à avoir son site internet! Découvrez ses ours dans une galerie pleine d'humour, et une grande page sur la technique de fabrication des ours de collection."


Alent'Ours teddy bears by Laurence Veron Laurence Veron - personal home page
Artist - France

language(s) : English,French

"The first french teddy bear artist on the internet ! Visit the teddy bears gallery, meet the artist, and vote for your favourite bear of the month. All original designs."


Liebenswerte Kumpels / Lovable Fellows Karin Jehle - personal home page
Artist - Germany

language(s) : English,German

"Artist bears, hand-made and designed by Karin Jehle. They range in size from 3 to 60 cm. The displayed bears are only a little selection of my entire bear collection."


Barbeara's Bears Barbara Greaves - personal home page
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Artist - Australia

language(s) : English

" Handmade original artist bears designed and made by Barbara Greaves."


Youpi Bear - The dummy demo teddy bear web site Youpi Bear - personal home page
Artist - France

language(s) : English,French

"Eng. This is not a real site. If you see this link this is certainly because you are running the teddy bear search engine demonstration. Fr. Site de demonstration du moteur de recherche."


Hoo Bears by Helen Oliver Helen Oliver - Commercial Site
Artist - UK

language(s) : English

"Hoo Bears are character mohair teddy bears designed and hand-made by Helen Oliver in Worcestershire, England."


Heir Bears by Jane Woodard Jane Woodard - Commercial Site
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Artist - USA

language(s) : English

"Natural fur teddy bears to be kept as heirlooms. Special orders welcomed. Think mink!"


Madeleine's mini Bears Madeleine Nelken - personal home page
Artist - France

language(s) : English,French,German

"Ours miniature à partir de 2 cm d'après des designs originaux. En français ,anglais, Allemand."


Ours en Peluche de Martine Martine Lauer - personal home page
Artist - France

language(s) : French

"Ma galerie d'ours en peluche à l'ancienne, réalisés personnellement de manière artisanale."


Oldenbears Co. Uk Edy Reilly - Commercial Site
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Artist - UK

language(s) : English

"Hand-made antique-style collectors mohair teddy bears. Limited editions and one-offs. Adaptable for children. Plus a teddy restoration hospital."


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