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Starickbears Kim McDonald

"Miniature Bears, 4 and under mostly dressed and made from antique fabrics." ..more..

Just Tiny Tedz Julie Beveridge

"I design and create one of a kind, miniature bears and friends from vintage, recycled furs, mainly using mink as it is my favorite. Their sizes vary from about 3-8 inches tall." ..more..

"M. E. Bears - since 1994! I hand stitch my bears, gollys and animals by hand. All the award winning designing et construction is done by myself. My prices are very reasonable - quality guaranteed!" ..more..

Starick Bears Kim McDonald

"Hand made Miniature bears 4' and under, dressed and themed in antique settings." ..more..

Selwyn Teddy Bears Fiona selwyn

"Fiona Selwyn is a talented teddy bear artist with a unique skill in reproducing vintage style bears that have that pre loved appearance from long ago." ..more..