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TeddyShop Norbert Doerr

"Wir sind einer der groessten deutschen Onlineshops für Hermann Baeren und ENESCO Cherished Teddies. - Cherished Teddies Clubhaendler.Wir wollen, dass Sie zufrieden sind." ..more..

Teddybaervariationen Sabine Herzog

"All my bears are made of high quality materials, such as mohair. I make bears from 8 cm to 30 cm. I only make bears one of a kind.I try to make them with the most care and love." ..more..

"We offer a funny website for people to enjoy, fan-products like printed t-shirts, bags, etc., and training camps for teddys and cuddly toys, to make sports more attractive." ..more..

SIWARI-Bären Waltraud Rickel

"Sammlerbären handgefertigt aus hochwertigen Materialien größtenteils Unikate oder limitierte Auflage max. 4 Stck. Keine Serien." ..more..

"In our Shop you find everything you need to sew teddybears. We offer best prices..." ..more..