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Japan Teddy Bear Fan club Yasushi Hamanaka

"Japanese leading membership Teddy Bear Club with more than 4,500 members. Organizing twice annual International show and International Teddy competion TITA organizer . Publishing club magazine ." ..more..

Takakuwayumop Yukatatakakuwa

"My teddy bear seems to be a small child. I want to make someone happy." ..more..

Romi's Room Romi Matsuki

"My web page has pictures of some of the teddy bears that I have made." ..more..

Moon Dolphins Moon Dolphins

"Many things of teddy raised in basic wages are featured. Original raise in basic wages postcard and links." ..more..

Yottan Bears Yottan(Yoshie Ishihara)

"Please visite my website, and meet my Teddy Bears!" ..more..

Soneka's mini soneka

"All micro miniature teddy bear are hand sewn by me to my original designs." ..more..

TEARDROPS Hiromi Nagataki

"Sweetly dressed teddy bears designed and handcrafted by Hiromi Nagataki" ..more..