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Moon Dolphins Moon Dolphins

"Many things of teddy raised in basic wages are featured. Original raise in basic wages postcard and links." ..more..

TeddyTeddy Yasuko Sugiyama

"TeddyTeddy is the bear and mohair retailer on the web. We provide special bear and mohair that are proudly sewn and selected by our craftman. It will be great for us to have your visit." ..more..

Yottan Bears Yottan(Yoshie Ishihara)

"Please visite my website, and meet my Teddy Bears!" ..more..

Sueyi's Bear Sueyi Tam

"I am a teddy bear artist in Hong Kong. Sueyi's bear is the website for my own designed teddy bears." ..more..

Soneka's mini soneka

"All micro miniature teddy bear are hand sewn by me to my original designs." ..more..

TEARDROPS Hiromi Nagataki

"Sweetly dressed teddy bears designed and handcrafted by Hiromi Nagataki" ..more..

"Taiwan Teddy Bear Association, situated in Taipei. 2008 Taiwan Teddy Bear Show & Creative Awards Our program No admission fees will be charged for public visitors!" ..more..

Winey Bears Sally Winey

"Repair, cleaning, designing, hand made artist collectiable Teddy Bears, keepsakes" ..more..

Little Bear Junko Fujinami

"I began to miniature bears in 1996. my works has received nominations for awards internationally. I began to sell at esty. Http://littlebear-junyama. Blogspot. Jp/ (English)" ..more..

Saigon Teddy Takeuchi Yoshinori

"Classical and cute hand-made teddy bears. Our workshop is located in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam." ..more..