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"At The Teddy Bear pages you will meet Gregory Bear and all his friends in different adventures.And be able to view his extencive wardrobe play some Beary games etc! Lot of links to ;0) /Greggan" ..more..

"Meet Mr Klein and his family. Mr Klein is a neat Teddy Bear with glasses. He is born in Slovakia, Bratislava but now he lives in Sweden. He likes to travel with Maduska, his best friend." ..more..

Old Bear Museum Amanda Granlund

"An online museum for the appreciation of old antique teddy bears. Featuring an extensive collection of bear photographs and bear history." ..more..

Old Bear Museum Amanda Granlund

"After years of collecting antique teddy bears I found I have lots of photographs. Chilterns, Chad Valleys, Farnell, Steiff, Jopi, Ideal, Bruin. Now they're available for everyone to see." ..more..