Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell something ?

No. We do not sell nor buy anything. We just share our love for teddy bears, and our rewards are the messages from people telling us we do a good job, and our pride to be the first French teddy bear related site.

There are a lot of teddy bear web sites - Why this search engine ?

Yes. There are plenty of teddy bear web sites. But it is not so easy to find yourself sometimes, and it is easy to get lost. Hence the idea of this search engine. It is unique in the way it stores, sorts and retrieves datas. And it is unique because you can search in English or French.
Nowhere else you can search for teddy bear sites in such an organized way.

This search engine is free - why ?

As many search engines - this is a tool which contributes to allow the teddy bear popularity to spread. This is our primary goal.

Why is the reciprocal link mandatory in order to appear in your database ?

Yes. We request a reciprocal link from the sites who want to be registered. This is the way to promote the search engine for the benefit of all the teddy bear community. The fact we do not seek for money doesn't mean we are not seeking the popularity our work desserves.

When I do not specify a search criterion, I get no results - why ?

Yes. If you try to search with all the fields settled to "all" (meaning you try to retrieve all the database) you will see a message inviting you to specify at least one search criterion : country, or bear material for example. Reasons are :

  1. it is not possible to present all the database content in a useful way
  2. that would cause a heavy burden for the web server.
  3. do you really want hundred links to choose among at one shot ? :)

Are there other teddy bear search engines on the web ?

To our knowledge, none allowing to search in the way you can here. We are the first to do that (Launched 1999/01/10), and if one day we are copied, it will mean that it is a good idea and a good tool !

Bear artists interviews

We have also bear artist's interview : have a look at our Laurence Veron, Jackie Morris, Kelly Dean and Robin Foley interviews in english !